Office Password Recovery

As Easy As "Open-Sesame"

Quick Recovery:

  • Recovers passwords instantly in case of weak encryption
  • High recovery speed, processes multiple files simultaneously
  • Allows you to choose the program priority mode
  • User-friendly interface enables you to start password recovery with just one click
  • Convenient Autosave feature
  • Free updates and professional technical support for 12 months

No-Nonsense Features:

  • Effectively recovers passwords of any length and complexity
  • Offers multilingual support and can recover passwords in Latin, Cyrillic characters and hieroglyphs
  • Uses powerful attacks fine-tuned (BruteSearch, SmartSearch, and dictionary-based), applying them one by one and in combination with each other
Free Download Now!

Free Download Now!

Office Password Recovery PRO covers all your MS Office baselines, easing your worry about losing or forgetting important passwords. It instantly finds lost passwords used to modify and document protection passwords in MS Word, Excel, MS PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.

Recover the lost passwords you need to have back. Totally hassle-free, fast and easy.