Office Password Recovery

As Easy As "Open-Sesame"

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Lost Your MS Office Password? No Problem!

Losing one or more Office passwords can definitely make you cringe. Don't worry though, the problem won't last long... You'll soon be able to open and modify your work again. And that's where Office Password Recovery comes in...

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Technology To The Rescue

MS Office Recovery gets your MS Office access back in a flash. This program recovers lost passwords from all MS Office applications, no matter how long or complex the password might be. Even special characters and foreign language scripts can be recovered quickly and easily.

The All-In-One Password Recovery Phenomenon

Office Password Recovery is your "all-in-one" password recovery solution for Microsoft Office applications. It can find all types of lost or forgotten passwords used to open and modify files. It also supports earlier versions of Microsoft Office, including 2003, and instantly retrieves all formatting and editing restrictions, locked cells protection, and shared protection passwords. So give it a try today!

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